Thursday, 8 April 2010

8th April

I bot some coloring pens today, some thicker ones that I need. It is no longer a case of what am I goung to do this evening, but how am I going to get into my coloring, and am I going to cook the chicken?
(a beat)
Has my blog concluded or shall I continue it on and off? The latter I think. I was down at Liverpool Steet and a woman using a camera sat next to me taking pictures like I had done, so I asked her if it was a student project or a professional one. She said twice that it was just a project. I sugested that we do a doth. Nothing was said. She just got up and walked off, which is ok. I did a doth but I don't know . . .
(a beat)
I find myself at Southgate. It is hot, too hot for the coat but I won't get another one. I'll use the quilted shirt that I've got open over a tee shirt when the weather gets hot out all the time. That will be ok. Or one of the 2XL cotton ones, the latter I think.

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