Thursday, 29 April 2010

Post 3

"Walls are interesting Seeth. Later on, tonight maybe, we will do another ball, one with stripes. First we will do one with straight stripes, and then after we have done that we will do one with wavy ones. By this mean lines that curve, first one way and then another. It will make it interesting for us to do. Like when we did the sails."
(a beat)
"And sails are interesting too."
(a beat)
"Why doth I say that about the meat and the beer? The beer is the same that is what I meant. It is the only thing that doth not change. I think that what we have is meant to be enhanced by it."
(a beat; after a time)
"Perhaps we have to regulate it Ir."
(a beat)
"Yes, this is good, this is what we will do."

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