Saturday, 17 April 2010

Post 3

It has kicked in now, and I have a new magazine! That will tide me over until next week. Even at the raffle I was not without you, someone in their wisdom doth beseige me Ir, come now up until our turret! So I came, and I spent the night leaving you with but cobwebs, and if I met you now i WOULD not care, no, not I, fo rI seeth, Ir, Rodney, wherefore art you?
(a beat)
I am at my house Ir. The house, one of a row that overlooks many, and I seeth your hourse, a long house, some thirthy no forty foot, in a drive, like a stable, yes, some two hundred freeedt, quiet, with sensor lights, you interact with is those yues, have you thot o f overgijng oj the internet again? How difficult would that be, hmmm? Where you are, wh#ith a steel stair case, qhwhat about connecting yours to that, what, was it sometuing that I said?

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