Saturday, 17 April 2010

Post 3

I printed my letter! And I got a copy for myself! Just in case, I know it isn't so. But i AM going to get that fcvheeseburger befoe I go. It donesn't work like that.
(a beat)
I wanted to know if that which kicks in, like it did this morning, it doesnt't always do so, you got to drink ti right, stays in you, in you4r mind, after you af have gone outside, when the water has clearned from your cistern, and I guess the anser is yes it does, but for how long. The other day I had but on ehour to do the thintgs that i WANTED eo to do, but now I have perhaps one hour to get to the freehouse where I can get another pint, for that i s hwat I want.

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