Thursday, 8 April 2010

Post 2

I put some chicken in a bag last night and a fly was interested in it. Or maybe it was just because the fridge door was open. I suspect it was the chicken but I can't really tell. So I'll cook it in the morning I think, it will be alright then. There are three pieces and I will enjoy them. With potato and veg and herbs.
(a beat)
The ambulance met me stuck in the traffic as I left the freehouse at Enfield Town so I went into the recruitment agency. You know the type of thing, seth it was in relation to them. There was a woman in there, a civilian, so I told them I would go out again. Another one met me at Southgate. I guess their assisting me.
(a beat)
Now that I've had a pint I will watch some tv. You have to have thick pens or you can't complete the projects. I would like to go to the Loch just to see it for myself and take some pictures of my own, maybe get something that no-one else has. But that will come I suppose, one day I'll just find myself on the train, or the bus, or the boat.

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