Friday, 27 August 2010

Then there was the gardening shop as run by Seeth. We did a couple of short-stories about it here. Seeth is not the same Seeth as that which is a problem to us. The latter being the one that sees (everything). It is not true but it is what he has made us believe. Seeth therefore runs the shop and he has a cat there whose name is Balance, he actually owned by Mr E. Smog. There is also a mouse there. On one of these occasions a Mr Bolt and Mr Winder come into the shop to see him, and on another occasion, several in fact, Seeth begins to think that there is an alligator beneath the floor. So he sends the mouse and the cat down to investigate. He has not been into the attic, but he wants to go up the ladder and inspect that. This is going to be incorporated into the doth for our doeth in a word processor. It will be good for us to get back to doing this after being away from it for so long.
(a beat)
All of this is very good Ir.

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