Monday, 9 November 2009

I watched it before posting, it complements them I think. For I ought not forget or overlook him. One has to follow through, yes? I am very tired this morning having been up all night completing these three doths (one was already completed), and I wasn't going to upload them right now but I got something to eat out in a cafe thereof, then got the bus to Enfield Town, and so I came here. Pigeons and his friends are here along with police patrols! (a beat) My next doth already scripted at ten scenes is called The Viewing Port, and I have the others of Sub-Projects 3 to do as well. (a beat) I paid two weeks rent and three weeks tv licence, in the run up to the big event. A young woman, probably cid affiliated here, whistled at me as to speak in a tongue, the only one that did, saying something like "Ir, I'll see you in the freehouse, I'll be with some of my friends. Catch my eye several times and I'll come over."

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