Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Post 4

There was thunder just then which drained on the shop light. Apparently this doth not happen to the lights at specialist it places. And about which we hath to aspire thereof.
(a beat)
Currently we are on one of the bottom rings of that ladder that was hack sawed off.
(a beat)
The man leaves.
(a beat)
Why doth thunder drain on the shop's lights? I was going to say now remembereth (when you are pleased in heart everyone in your field of vision will clap their hands - this is the positive circuit. Therefore there is also a nevative one, and both can be faked), so I Wake, and a group of people speak in a foreign language soundeth happy, but where from? Was it upstairs like there are people in who then all go silent or was it out the front where the road is, some passers by? - Because pulleth, yes. It pulleth on something in the local environment or something that is connected to it, a pipe, something that is connected to the national electric grid

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