Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Post 5

Having you established what type of hoax calls these are yet and who is making them thereof, notably by observation at close range, and talking to the man on the stretcher who having been taken serious ill? As another two men, perhaps the same ones, come in trying to speak to me through the rubber, saying "Please continue, we beg you, to violate the code (Help make office better), the Integrity, to give us ideas thereof, for we cannot prevent ourselves from plagiarising your words, they will shut us down, it is why you are public enemy number one - I had these words in mind but had forgotten them - " / "Don't say any more concerning this, as it will bring the Integrity into question." But why should I do what they say?
(a beat)
The minicab office made me wait, perhaps for the better, then I remembered that I needed some items from the shop. When I got back, I saw the no smoking sign that putteth up for some reason, in front of a wood door and glass or plastic windows, the security entry pad on the door, and a man came in behind me as my eyes went through the plastic air vent into the space where the pcs are, whic are Dells.

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