Sunday, 22 November 2009

Post 11

I am very tired and will go back in a minute.
(a beat)
I was going to tell them how they can do it, and then go through the various options with full instructions. But I have overlooked it. And I shall not do it in my doths, Little Black Box will block it.
(a beat)
A Professional Job is nineteen scenes long, and begins with an ambulance driver in Enfield Town being killed when he turns the ignition key. The next Act will feature an assasin killing a senior police officer outside New Scotland Yard after defying Special Branch, by stepping up the side of his car with a sawn off shotgun and unloading both barrels at point blank range into his head. Blowing his brains all over the side wall and blowing the glass out.
(a beat)
I am looking forward to working on this.

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