Sunday, 22 November 2009

Post 4

On the 30th, despite saying appointment to see Gp at Edmonton Green surgery to give letter of permission to get report from her on medical condition, ten men smashed my door down and I was abducted by ambulance to a place of safety (interrogation), notably Chase Farm Hospital. They wanted to say one thing to me: "We have no evidence that you have done anything wrong."
(a beat)
It was traumatic but I have some alcohol in me that has rubberised my body.
(a beat)
There are some words of intimidation being put to me, but have I not dealt with this type of thing in the past?
(a beat)
The police told me that I have an injury, and I showed the scar to several people including both doctors, and the solicitor, as well as several police. They said it is on my stomache, but we found it on my upper leg area. The first doctor said that it was self-inflicted.

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