Thursday, 17 December 2009

Post 12

I read Natasha's email at 3.30 pm today, I have to buy food as to have my strength for the 22nd (which is the length of our trailer at Oxford), and after reading it though I am strong background wise, perhaps I shall have some more cider to rubberise my body, and to cushion my mind such that nothing that is seth even done will have an affect on me. And I must also remember to take the pharmaceutical items, cold beaters and such, as the weather today is icy cold such that everyone here is expecting it to snow.(a beat). And doth you believe me? Apparently the court is having a hard time accepting my pleas of guilty to that most dreadful act which has a weakness through its wording. (a beat). So it was at the time of reading, i.e. 3.30 today, too late of me to be expected to go to Fore Street useth precious money of food, and possibly of cider, which will be needed next week. They are not giving my cousin access to his late father's bank account and savings, which is causing him paranoia. Perhaps I can write a letter to them. And how is my cousin in Kuntucky?

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