Thursday, 17 December 2009

Post 21

Today I sent an email reply to Natasha, to correct her wording of fear. For fear is the key. And then noted that it has two email addresses. But why would an enemy of the people currently picking on me court wise display this in it, knowing that I might not reply if to reply would be their objective? Hence sensibility sais that Natasha sent it to me, in response to mine. To such extent that I expect my cc to enter my inbox henceforth, for if I sent the text in a right mind then she received it, because I say so. (a beat). And why would such an email have two addresses on it as to invoke caution, when one might upload it for public display, and some will be able to see it. Their hard and software can get in to these things just as Xp ignores corrupted files. (a beat). Perhaps whatever it is, which albeit is confusion manifested, overlooked that I might focus on the omitted thing and edit the text with red ink prior to its display. So let's focus on its ignorances as well, and currently there are two of them. Or perhaps it knew both of these things, in which case we must assume that this enemy is attepting to assist me.

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