Friday, 18 December 2009

Post 4

I also thought last night as I lay there, that I think I ought to have two blogs, one for my doths and the other for my blogging. However I have stuck with the one, for I have it, and it therefore has the both in it.
(a beat)
Perhaps I could write my blogs as a .html file in Word thereof and upload it as a webpage to a free webspace provider, then I would only have to paste the hyperlink to it here for you, and the hyperlinks to my doths would not keep going all the way down onto previous pages, for it is logical that from time to time new people will be coming here. But again I have stuck with doing it this way because to do it that way would require me to write it all in advance with the possibility that technical problems would prevent its upload. In a blog your text is displayed to the public immediately.

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