Friday, 18 December 2009

Post 9

I just sent my email to the doctor, about six short paragraphs to explain the situation. I will upload it for you later, perhaps with a lot of it painted out. Or, as some of you can remove the paint, I will upload only bits of the text repasted onto the email. Sounds a bit complicated yes? But I am hungry and I want to get something to eat.
(a beat)
I have not been looking at or listening to any media. It is better for me I think, even though I bought The Sun this morning and read one item in it. Was it anticipated that I might do so, perhaps not, who knows? Even little things somehow find their way into the media such that I cannot bear it, so no media it is, for now anyway. Perhaps later on when I am not doing anything. I tell myself that perhaps I am doing such little things as which are common, and am only observing that which could have come from others. But aprons apart (for their is some truth in this) it often appears to me to be so profound that it goes beyond this as a possibility.

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