Thursday, 17 December 2009

Post 16

The shop is closing at 7, which gives me time to think. The mental exercises that I do have not had to be that profound notably because I know what has to be said, although there are I suppose a few more key words to catch that come by the wind, if the dream that I had last night is anything to go by.(a beat)I ask those of you looking in that are able to, to contact the Fore Street (and Chase Farm) senior people and ask them to permit the hearing of the 22nd to proceed. For I expect to be given a community order as is stated in writing on solicitor letter. Then the paranoia will disperse to the wind. And make sure that they get it, I suppose, by speaking to them. My cc (carbon copy) to Natasha in reply to her letter at 3.30 today has not returned to my inbox as yet. In it I gave three or so paragraphs, the last one short, and emphasised that I am focusing on the words that she has omitted. You will permit me please some confidentiality and privacy concerning this.

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