Thursday, 17 December 2009

Post 20

What got me onto this? The mobile phone call to the man next to me perhaps as I edited the critical text out. Here I am instructing you on how to see the snapshot, as Photo Bucket is undergoing an update right now, and there are several errors being fixed, notably permitting the hyperlink to go straight in but not as yet to appear as clickable link. So you must highlight it left to right with the mouse, right click and copy, paste it into the hyperlink strip at top of your browser, and hit return. This is the manual process of doing something that ordinaryly would be automatic, and hopefully in a short time it will become so. (a beat)Perhaps someone else sent it during normal correspondence by same with two friends, as the man undergoes a coughing fit. The games were good, we have finished them at today's session. There is sensitivity that is all. I hope they can help my cousin, I think they should give him some patches to force him off the drink, and off of the smoking. They should at least take the opportunity to put the smoking patches on him. I will take responsibility for this and later apply my signature to any papers concerning it. So you can blame me if he objects to it while conscious, I am used to it.

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