Thursday, 17 December 2009

Post 22

I thot that concluding at post 22 is fitting.(a beat). It is still silent which is good. It is how I like it, indeed how we all do. Hopefully I will be able to get to the shop which sells food, or otherwise take cover then divert down a back street.(a beat). I'm only joking. (a beat) What is most difficult about the miscalculation points mentioned in the doth, is that when they occur one has to keep the aspired wisdom to oneself, as wisdom given but not to be shared with those doeth. For it is wisdom for me alone, not even to be recorded in a text file anywhere, I must remember it, or trust that he in which I having believed since my younger days shall inform me of it, or an interpretation thereof, hopefully a dos-like subfolder containing several - but active rhetorics I will leave to him - at the precise time when it acquired of me to speak. And currently not much has been asked of me. I think that is always the way it was. I speak and express myself in text.

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