Friday, 18 December 2009

Post 3

I will phone Anselom later today to confirm with him that threat is not immediate.
(a beat)
There are some things that I do not understand, but I think it best merely to mention this on the 22nd. The Pink Paper for instance which gave me a month of duress which had by law to inform me of the attack, and which said as solicitor confirmed in writing, that it cannot be implemented again. And the current threat by the doctor apparently in email correspondence with solicitor, or phone etc - implying beurocratic corrolation, or confusion causing corrolation - who is or was thinking about doing it again.
(a beat)
Are there families, couples etc, with or without backgrounds, with or without physical/psychological abilities of defence (mine more the latter), that let these dudes smash their doors down to abduct their children for interrogation at a place of safety?

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