Friday, 18 December 2009

Post 5

The cc still is not in my inbox, nor is it in the sent folder. The server is internet based not computer based, so there could be a fault there. I do not know where it went, emails do go astray perhaps on occasions. It is possible that a fault in the server occurred at that moment. In the past when I first went on the internet I had many instances where I could not make a post on a message board that I frequented, and then when it went through the site got shut down. It was confirmed by everyone on it that they couldn't get in either. So it is better to assume that others will have had the same thing, and not only me. However I also had many instances where major technical problems prevented me from getting things that I needed, like all day, then when it finally went through the neighbors put out white flags, i.e. a public sign of defeat.

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