Thursday, 17 December 2009

Post 17

And now I must go for the weekend having it on my mind that the ten dudes in riot gear are in the process of thinking about repeating that action. But at least I have something to think about to occupy my thinking as I attempt to negate it. (a beat). So how many are there that this having been done to? Have any of you succeeded in prosecuting? Did you do deals and negotiations? For later. Even my doths are completed now, or are they?(a beat)In our faith fear is negated, by prayer, by deeds. Probably both are equal as negaters. Some have faith and others have actions. This is an action that doeth now, keeping my words in check so as not to breach that act. Perhaps it is feared by many that this could be seth. But not by me, no not I, not under any circumstances. For logic informs me that a failsafe mechanism would kick in. (a beat). So I seth therefore with some intuition that we shall speak again on the 22nd, in the presence of the prosecutor. Perhaps she has been absent minded, yes? And I feel satisfied at laying it bear today for those looketh, and mentioning the paranoa concerning my cousin's late father, for it is thot that he may have a little to me. I do not know. Perhaps the mental health people are not helping him with this for this reason, to protect my benefits. Whic is good because it is what I think too, so we are on the same wavelength. But again it is probably inadvertent, or at least, is conscious but is not being seth or put into words. (a beat). They said when sectioning him in handcuffs at my request for he needs to be sectioned and injected - as was witnessed - that "We cannot force him to come off of the alcohol (which is killing him). If he wants to drink we cannot force him not to."

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