Friday, 18 December 2009

Post 2

I told her in a ten minute conversation that there was no question that I would not see him, but I had not received any letters. (It seems an odd thing to say to solicitor, that several appointment letters were sent in this short a time period, and from what I remember, secretary said one cas sent at the end of November).
(a beat)
I asked for the doctor's email account and said I would email him today, as she said that she can contact him and would send him an email herself, to say this to him. I mentioned that we, myself and Fellowes, are not treating these matters as correlated, although I myself suspect that they may be, at least by the beurocrasy.
(a beat)
I am going to see the doctor for another chat therefore when he gets back from his leave, it is not related to the hearing on the 22nd. We will have that and then I will see him (if that is the court wants me to). It makes it sould like I have rigged it doesn't it?

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