Thursday, 17 December 2009

Post 24

See 22 wasn't the end! Fortunately there are also 23 and 24 foot versions, and perhaps it is the case that I have miscalculated our length. Perhaps I must do it again.(a beat) Am I permitted to further express myself over the weekend as the pen undergoes a scan thereof to prevent a virus? (a beat) It is up to the prosecution to inform both to send letters, while Natasha having said only Dr Potter sent them. So I will say this to the majistrate, or rather, to Rebecca on the 22nd. And the magistrate will ask the prsecution, whose names I do not currently know, why they have not done that most critical thing which they asked them to postpone for four weeks for. And doth Natasha understaned this? I do not think so, but perhals she does. Perhaps most people would. Perhaps she is invoking great fear for a reason. (a beat)I tire, last night there was a pestilence again, then there was loud music. And do you believe me? For you . . .

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