Friday, 30 October 2009


A siren goes off as I sit down, but not as I log on! So I expect it to be quiet for a while. What I do not expect is to match the length of my doth of the last couple of days, as I have expended myself thereof.
(a beat)
It is my intention each time I come here, for a while, to work on the doth about which the two doths are, which doeth like I seth structure wise. Which was intelligent coding.
(a beat)
I having been to see my Gp, taking the necessary evasive actions thereof, and showeth her the Pink Paper, which liketh, she said that they cannot do anything without her authorisation which I think to be correct. (And also because I have not received solicitors letter yet). I have given her instructions to proceed, but without going back any further than July 2002.

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