Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 19

The other week I was thinking about some of those acts which your officers have done when addressing people believed to have issues or mental illness, for instance when your officers opened fire on the man with a sword.
(a beat)
I do not expect your officers to be prosecuted for doing this, but I have been thinking that perhaps they might have overpowered him instead. For how likely is it that they would have been injured by the sword wearing protective kevlar vests?
(a beat)
I know a little, perhaps a lot, about protective clothing, having been a motorcyclist. Kevlar reinforced full-face helmets, gauntlets, boots, hard plastic parts on the jacket elbows, knees, rubber reinforced back protectors etc. Solid tires and so forth. I do not think it very likely that coming off a motorcycle even at speed while wearing all this would result in injury.
(a beat)
Although I have heard that a sword unlike a bullet can penetrate kevlar.

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