Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post 40.

And there are no whistlers. But as I copy my blog to Word as an rtf file a mobile phones rings (spooks have an interest in these, and intelligence concerning thereof) just at that point in the blog which speaks of a panic, reminding me that I have a file called this which I wrote some time ago. But I don't remember what it concerned or what it is about.

Sirens don't go off when there is a lot of corporate items around that are earthed, and I often make use of them, thanking them thereof.

I have found that lamposts are a bit heavy for this, even that lighted bus shelters can be. I have wondered if pulleth of the eye towards them might supply us with those critical calculation and measurements that would be the default ones from which all of it could be calculated, as well as to back engineer it for the same purpose if some of it were found to be vandalised. Or if our corporate companies such as Bt and those that own the lamposts, maybe London Transport or Transport For London, have already put the weight and size of these things online with Government and Spook permission. For it is guaranteed that the ipod works, as long as that which I am plugging into it is done properly.

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