Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post 34.

But what if they havn't read this? See that is a technical oddity isn't it? It is 4.35 pm, too late for me to get to the probation service. But I have pledged to the Government and Legal people here in a public letter, that I will do this tomorrow. So I have covered myself, yes?

a beat

Is it logical for Everyone in London that is a position of authority over this matter, and over my welfare, have not read it? Surely someone must have. They normally have, there are rss feeds linked to it. People quote my wording to some extent - and these are not common words, you know that I use key words - back at me when I am in the shops. I don't know how many people have read this long blog, but I like to think that it is enough - not may be enough - to give me the time that I need, notably tomorrow, to give my permissions for the violation of my full confidentiality. (Because I do not care. Fear prevails me that I am no longer a citizen of this country. Perhaps I never have been. Perhaps only some people can invoke this law).

It does not matter. My GP won't like it. I won't even have to tell her. She'll know instantly that there is something wrong. So she'll give you a carefully worded report thereof, but nothing more. So that is alright, if that will sufficiently satisfy your feeble minds, and then perhaps you will impose on me on the 24th a fine sufficient for me to afford dss wise, and an unconditional discharge.

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