Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post 1 of Section 2:

You don't mind the numbers do you? And I do not mind using this word. For the word in and of itself is not to be feared. (It is interesting when you can see the underlying Hebrew in letters). Anyway, it is not to be taken literarlly unless they want me to perform that act. Perhaps I already am.

Anselom's letters, which I am under no legal obligation even to read, state many times that he wants to know how I am Coping (the capitalisation is mine). Has he told you why he did this or are you going to lift it when he types his notes? I will assume by default the latter. He tried handwritten ones with no letterhead, so I ignored them. Then he tried letterheaded ones to give them an Air of formality, like he was trying to evoke the law on me. Then he tried naming a doctor, one who is as corrupt as he is. To frighten me thereof. To make me strap a back back on. Did any of them tell you why they did this, or is it only this God which speaks and gives insight thererof? The council have stated, or it might have been stated of them, publicly that they hate Christianity. But there is a problem.

"Ir, sayeth as Spook, what is the problem?"

"We must embrace other faiths. And like ours is, many of them are persecuted."

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