Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post 37.

"Mi5 and Senior Police - doth you - do you remember my The Final Legal Document thereof? The one that you replied to? Is it the one in which I asked certain requests at the end?

It's funny how things come back to you, but even so, do I remember much of what is in it? Often I do not even remember what I have said here by the time I am back at the place thereof, and cannot remember it even when trying to the next day. It is merely some kind of major expression, like doing a painting all day, or working on a script. Though the latter I do recall as the characters are with me all the time. We are always looking for new stories.

Why doth you want me to go back further than when I was in Hendon? Why doth you want to impose such traumas upon me?

July 2002, the time in which my distrust of the British began. And there is something that I forgot to say. That their work is to prevent terrorism here in the UK. Perhaps they are very good at this. They won't mind that I have invoked their initials, for I am certain that I could do a doth without asking their permission. Just as I have named Anselom. This is not a common name here, and I am typing fast.

But then again I named Judge Lyons too. And what if you do this most brutal act, and no matter what you do whether legal or illegal, I should name the rest of you? And myself thereof. What if I should put my address here? Would anyone care about that?

Shall I retain privacy (secrecy), or shall I go public concerning who I am? By which I mean more so than I have already. Shall I tell everyone that I used to be a spook, that I saw people get killed? That . . .

No, I like it just the way it is.

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