Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 22

It is done despite seeth that Ir is wearing both ear plugs wire wise to a player of some kind, clearly visible at the front, and the shops over-the-ear headphones wired into the base unit.
(a beat)
The bold print switches on and off per post at its own descretion despite what I do.
(a beat)
You are aware now Commissioner that people in North London living on their own are being targeted by Enfield Council staff with threatening papers that could cause heart attacks. Unless others speak out with our permission to do so, and I think it legal to do so, even the various underworlds will not like it, (as I go about trying to restrain an ego thereof), including those in the process right at this time of turning up at courts for hearings, sentencing etc, are being told that there are police warrants out for their arrest. And that therefore there is great if not massive fear of God being experienced by the body.

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