Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 5

I have four contacts therefore - more than I had when I was attending church in the old days. At that time I had no contacts in my diary which I carried around on my person in case I got some. I attended weekly cell and fellowship groups, and attended the service twice on each Sunday without missing any, for eight and a half years.
(a beat)
It appears impossible, but Little Black Box and my other characters working independently of him, assure me that I must pluralise this. Three friends and one a doctor.
(a beat)
But I do remember them! Not all of them, and not all name-wise. Some of them were themselves trainee doctors and also attended Christian Unions at their places of work and training. Also called CU's. The Cell groups were held at our houses.
(a beat)
And I joined and attended a local church for a year or so when I was first sent to Edmonton, which was ok. I was invited to join a house group off Church Street in Edmonton but it concerned me at that time should it begin to forked lightning out while going to or from it if walking. It must have been after I sold the motorbike. A man came round for it saying that he would use it to learn the knowledge, which is trainee taxi driving. But it wasn't for me.

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