Friday, 30 October 2009

Post 14

The other day thinketh, if I browse what shall I browse for?
(a beat)
I have plenty of pictures of Oxford, and plenty of Urquhart, I cannot browse for girls in the shops, not that I would, perhaps I can browse for cars. Or useth google earth. There is plenty to do on the internet but I have done it all, and I bet you have too.
(a beat)
The Imdb perhaps? And we can do a doth there, in the sandbox, or crash the Film General in front of everyone.
(a beat)
Yuko perhaps where I can't get in, or Migrate, but I don't feel like doing those right now. It is much better for us when worketh here, in any of the shops, to have only our email account and our blog open in two browsers. I remember the instant messages and private messages that we had.

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