Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 35

On the night in question when I did the long blog, asking the Spook afterwards at the Imdb if it was safe to go back to the place, there was gridlock on the main Fore Street all the way down (like the traffic lights had malfunctioned). There were tons of sirens, both police and ambulances, and people walking. It was well after 10.30 at night after the shop closed. So because of the sirens that were out looking for me, I went down a back road and disappeared out of sight. After a while a car came, did a u turn then pulled out again, driven by spooks. (I can tell). Someone had reported my being there so someone else sent the spooks in the plain black car instead of the police, who recognised me then drove off again. Then I had chats with two men who didn't know who I was. On the off-chance I asked them if they know anything about these matters, and we chatted about this for a bit. They both professional civilians, i.e. civilians having professional jobs. Which is by the way what the Spook thinks the act of terrorism is.
(a beat)
After midnight I went back to the main road and walked for a bit among the people and cars, there were no sirens, it had been a couple of hours, then stood against a minicab after the driver went back inside to talk with someone. Three plain clothes sirens went by, the kind that once horned me up in the City when I was on the motorbike.

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