Tuesday, 27 October 2009

What am I afraid of as I spill the beans on my background thereof?

Solicitor said "They won't need to section you." Which is good, as then I will not have to stab the doctor in the neck with the syringe thereof. I will not have to make that change from near-citizen under occupation to killer in one move. But then again perhaps I have been one before. In this respect it is truly fortunate that the crew were not in the vehicle like they said. As if they were I would not have done it.

I did it because something, which I believe to be a ground to air loop interacting with the Dell pcs inside the cab office, said something to me inside my head using no audible wording, and I just knew that this had to be done. I had instant x-ray vision, and even if I did not, my assumption was deadly accurate.

What then if my assumptions are still deadly accurate?

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