Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 16

So are you delivering the pink papers to people who are not living alone, or do you target only those living on their own? Those without friends and contacts. Those known to be on their own a lot.
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I read last night in a newspaper, one on the train I think, that councils are being given powers to break into peoples homes who are drug barons to abduct them as well. We must, those of us that have an ear to hear (what the Spirit says to the churches) keep in mind as to Focus thereof the term `drug barons', notably because they'll absorb it as a major military attack and continue their drug business underground.
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Like what I am doing, correct in the assumption that the first police car guaranteed that I would have a quiet journey.
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But others overlook this and misread the terms. Indeed I myself do and do not expect myself to rectify this any time soon. For to do so would require me to become another person. Even Little Black Box doesn't remind me of this every time. Perhaps it necessary of me politics wise to write these words. Perhaps that is what I do.

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