Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post 37.

Again to Government:

And Anselom wants to speak to me concerning this. To ask me what they did and why. Perhaps I know. Perhaps many people know or suspect. But why do I have to go first? If I start speaking out first I will come under surveilance by them, and rightly so. So why isn't Anselom coming uner surveillance by them?

"Because your background, whatever it is, does not involve them. You picked this up from reading a spy novel."

"Do you acknowledge that it is my right, for they are available in libraries?"

"It is your right yes, you can read whatever you want. But you cannot reasonably apply anything therein to yourself, as though it might be a part of your background."

"Why not? (and I note that you were not content that I useth a part real part fiction name for you, and would therefore prefer the full real one. Are you fearful now like I am dude?). - as Ir rigs up an explosive device at his flat sufficient to blow the kitchen" To be honest I did have a gas leak a while ago, which is common. I asked my landlord to send a gas engineer and they said that they would send one of their own people. But this was not sufficient for me, I wanted someone who was a Corgi expert. So I used my own discretion. I put it around a little bit that I was continuing to use the boiler and the heating, but not the cooker as yet - I can go without that - and therefore landlord will send the engineer at some point. The next time I ask them. I am familiar with the intoxicating effect of gas, having been a nervous patient at the Whitechapel Hospital for more than fifteen years. Shall we go into that, or will the official record of this if it still exists be enough to inform everyone that something ain't right?

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