Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 34

I am bent on beating my own record of forty so plus posts. And the pen-only version will be better than a printed one if I am going to use it for my screenplay in Final Draft (initially in Word), as I will be able to copy and past bits of it at will.
(a beat)
The speech that people say in my earshot wearing two pairs of headphones, and therefore cusioned by foam sponge and music playing somewhat quietly, or dampened by the outer ones, sounds the same as speech does when I am breathing the nitrous oxide at a high level (higher than most) after a half hour or so. I.e. I cannot make it out, and those to whom I had been speaking at first, and who will again afterwards, do not sound comprehensible. But then again the same can be said after ten pints of alcohol.

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