Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The man cannot get through on the mobile phone, he has been cut off. More sirens. Is he pretending? I cannot tell, perhaps not.

As I said at the Imdb several years ago, I want it to go back to how it was when I was in Hendon.

I do not know exactly what this means.

Put me to the test concerning what I have said, to see if I am speaking truthfully. Perhaps it is what the people want. Perhaps the fear is mine not theirs. Perhaps it is a weakness, and therefore also a strength. Perhaps the people will be made the better for it.

I was not under `attack'* when I was living in a converted garage on a steep hill (with no trip switch on the fuse box) when I was in Hendon. I used the library there every day to use the internet. I studied phimosis, a urological condition which prevents sexual intercourse. I went for long walks. I was fit, healthy. That is all I know. Phimosis is also my password at the Imdb.

You will get these permission tomorrow, and I will call him. I will see him once, as long as I think it is not a trap. Then he can see how I am dressed etc, whether I look like I put on a suit for the trial. And I will tell him that I don't know anything about that which he wants to know. He'll have to ask someone else. And I will draw his attention to the wording of the letter which did not seem that serious. I will tell him that I have police email addresses in my email account including one for Paul Dew, with no memory of what our correspondence was.

I like it like this, I don't want memory of anything. It is my ticket out of here.

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