Friday, 30 October 2009

Post 2

We open therefore with an explosion. An ambulance driver is killed when he turns the ignition key. This is the first scene, and it is set in Enfield Town.
(a beat)
The next scene switches to MI5 here in London and is given to an agent there, a Spook, whose name we have yet to achieve. Who thinks it is a professional job, i.e. the work of experts.
(a beat)
It will be difficult to do the first scene in Paint, so we'll keep that simple, some color graphics of flames and that.
(a beat)
The MI5 agent Spook, perhaps this is to be his name, along with Agent Types whom we already have, is also aware of the case of the black boy which having been ravished by a dog, who thinketh is a man, with a static vehicle thereof. As well, he is aware of another man who is a Soft Martial Artist Type doing such mental exercises thereof as to be bordering on occult practice.

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