Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 3

It works better like this doesn't it?
(a beat)
I having sent two emails - I do not send many emails, I do not have such contacts quanity wise as people do who chat and tex useth mobile phones, or that useth web-cams. I should have kissed the girl, but there will be other girls, for who knows where such an act will lead. One to the doctor at Whitechapel Hospital where I have the dental treatment under nitrous oxide inhalation, and the other to a friend who owns a small mobile home. The kind that I would buy if I had the funds.
(a beat)
Actually the one that I would buy would need to have a straight bonnet, i.e. not a flat front without a bonnet as the leg room in the drivers seat would be too small, and not a slanted one for the same reason, with the exception that one of the older American types might be doable with a slanted bonnet, as these come out about two and a half feet from the bottom of the windscreen at knee level. I know that I would not be able to drive an older flat fronted type with the beetle brows (gothic eyebrows) because it would be too cramped in the left-hand-drive seat - unless I can find a way around this when the time comes for me to buy one.

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