Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 33

Re my Imdb thread, as a black boy (based on the one at the police station) is attacked, his clothes torn, having injuries thought to have been caused by a dog. But more befitting to a man. Copyrighted to me, while the folk singer one having matching text is copyrighted to the Times Online.
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If that is what they want to do, but it can have the effect of bringing into question and therefore doubt the authenticity of the other items that they publish.
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I thought I might base a doth on it if I get permission from the people that have the copyright.
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Last night I thought against doing that Spook script thing in Final Draft in place of continuing to work at the internet shops on my blog and search engines - I bet the latter is more important - as I am here so doing. It is possible that the incident is real, and therefore draws the eye to the subject matter of matching rhetoric, however this only works if this incident is more important than similar incidents i.e. involving attacks on people by dogs, and if there are only a few of them worldwide.

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