Friday, 30 October 2009

Post 12

I am very tired, as you will imagine I have not had much sleep thereof. But that is ok, I can go longer without sleep than most. I once went out at night riding a motor scooter with no crash helmet on after four and a half days without sleep. You becom overtired, you see, and then fall asleep at the wheel.
(a beat)
The other week I was about to take a drink of a mug of tea thereof that had been left on a small table a while, or it might have been coffee - it was cold -, which had been there all night, and there was a large fly in it. One of the big ones that no-one in their right mind would like to eat.
(a beat)
Before I went out I played pittance against the pc, four or five times per game, which knoweth it auto-ups the levels. Or you can choose them. My hyper-ego thereof doing so in the immediate presence of people in the shop sitting next to me, should they observe, and people's reflections passing by behind me. It is very interesting thereof and makes the games so much better. Although I think compared with modern 3d ones which I myself seeth people play, probably they are playing at much greater levels whether manually or in auto-mode. Probably level ten or more, whereas I begin at level one and go up to about four. It's impossible to calculate.

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