Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 29

I said to the Barrister "It could be your daughter" I was imagining someone aged about seventeen living on their own. And as I came here this morning I observed every house in every row, every flat in the buildings, and wondered if it was real. For I see - people. But I do not see violent thugs in police uniforms. Violent thugs like those that kicked in our doors before, who need people like me, and those that have looked out for me, to burn their faces off with a blow torch.
(a beat)
We open the screenplay and doths with an explosion (re IMDB thread after my blog the other night), either a gas one on the mains timer as the door opens, or a vehicle one courtesy of a peroxide bomb, which the Spook (MI5) is given to look into. It occurs here and the driver is killed. He hears it go off (slow motion) and knows that he is being killed, the heat unbearable, he screams, in fear, as the glass and doors blow off. The vehicle a burned out wreck, debris. People scream, and stand in fear, the vehicle burning.

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