Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 37

The software that the company uses would have to throw a signal zone outwards around the hardware, albeit a few inches but not a few feet, strong enough to prevent seeth, couple with the cctv in the shop trained on the door and counter.
(a beat)
Spike and I are going to eat in a minute, then come back and do some more.
(a beat)
Is it safe? Have I covered myself GP appointment on Friday and Chris Davies appointment in the post wise? I will have to pick this up from the Times Online if I read this a bit later, should it be that you want to leave me a message there.
(a beat)
I have thought it incorrect to phone Anselom because his many letters numbering sixty plus which turn little circles suggesting confusion and doubt as written to me by a psychopath, will furnish my solicitors with hard evidence for mitigation should I be convicted. Along with the absence of certain rhetoric. But I may phone him, to ask what the hell he wants.

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