Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Post ?

The night before, or was it the morning - the latter I think - the pink paper was to be brought in by someone having keys (landlord), my upstairs neighbor went into a very unusual `Silent Mode' having the same nature (properties in pc language) as the previous one did before the police smashed my door in and I was sectioned. Incarcertated without trial along with others. I bet it would be difficult for me to leave this country and go to Europe incase I meet people. Even if I swear on oath to the shipping staff thereof that it is my intention for personal reasons only to do so as an artist. I knew there and then that they were in the process of trying something. It has the same feel as Spooks get when terrorists are up to something. I have felt this. I have told them of it. I have been given advanced warning. (Not to be corrolated with x-ray vision, as a low time pops up). The pink paper confirmed it and I took evasive action including leaving at 6 am in order to ensure that I reached the court building.

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