Friday, 30 October 2009

Post 16

Yes, Spike (I hath some illustrations
in mind)
(a beat)
We could do the illustrations, perhaps
ten, and encompass all this within
(a beat)
Or we could do two, or three, sep-
arate doths. If we do the latter I
think it better that we ought to
do them each at ten scenes,
that would give us a fixed tem-
plate to work with
(a beat)
This is very good Ir
(a beat)
Why don't we do the both of them?
(a beat)
We'll emcompass the whole thing
in one ten scene doth, and we'll do
three separate ten scene doths
(a beat)
The one ten scene doth would have
more or less the same story as the
one in the three that it is based on
(a beat)
Spike observes as Little Black Box
drops our text into four active sub-
folders, two of them linked

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