Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 28

We are nearing the stage when I will begin to get Word Verification messages.
(a beat)
I have for the moment forgot what it was that the Barrister, who was otherwise very nice, smartly dressed etc, and otherwise very professional - and you will admit that kicking someone's door in who lives on their own is not professional - (how would you like it if I did that to you after you have left the security of the Enfield Council's Civic Centre, or when you retire thereof? - they're not going to protect you for ever, you will be vulnerable when you go to the shops or go overseas).
(a beat)
It is an act, a premeditated act albeit not befitting the alleged crime, let's say a fight with an ambulance, (any cctv?), of extreme violence, so extreme in one's mind, one such as I representing the body, - I don't mind - that only something bordering on a terrorist act here would consul me.
(a beat)
I read of that attack on a post van with satisfaction. Please don't arrest or section anyone for it. They are doing us a good service.

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