Tuesday, 27 October 2009

If I do this as a doth in due course, mixing fact and fiction - not from media but from other sources - shall I write to MI5 and the other agencies here and overseas and ask for their permisison to quote and base a story thereof, like other filmmakers do even with shorts, indeed even a painting or a sketch that goes on public display must by law have permission, or shall I proceed using my own discretion, in accordance with the uk law but as an assumption that I have it, in the assumption that it would be given? I.e., as with the motorbike, although I do recall having correspondence concerning this, that such people would permit me to proceed, and not sue for libel? Or close down my blog?

MI5, for those that don't know, also uses the name Internal Security Service - which means it's area of jurisdiction spook wise (i.e. without being noticed, they don't use conventional mobile phones and emergency vehicles), is inside the UK. Outside of it is MI6, also called the Secret Intelligence Service. MI5 is the one that works closely with the police. Notably the senior ones. But then again, I could have picked up this wisdom in a spy novel.

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