Tuesday, 27 October 2009

"Thank you and cheers" (words of a police or mi5 officer yes? and if not them then it might just as well be. Which is why I don't currently have a girlfriend). So what did you do for me?

A coincidence, maybe. But the sirens are not. That's a major air loop and I want to know more than any of you do what is. I want to see it. I want the powers that be to make it visible right before my eyes so that I can film it. I want to understand it, I want to know how it interacts with everything. Currently I know only that some trains that go high speed through bridges and major urban terrain including metal ones, high topped vehicles etc, buildings with radiators in them some earthed, many in the city and so forth, have ariels on them, and some do not! And Mr Frequencyies goes right in through the glass thereof. And keeps connected to the phones even when the train goes under metal bridges. How does it do that? It appears impossible. But I think that these ambulances might just be in the process of making it visible. Not that I want myself to be the first person to upload it to the internet thereof. I'll certainly do that but I'll let others do it first.

Concerning any of this making a connection with your head as to give advanced information and x-ray vision, I have never heard of such a thing. I think it is physically impossible. And that faith would not of its own accord address me in such a way. If that were a possibility - and perhaps it has been terrorism wise in the past - I think it would cause panic.

I am panicing therefore!

I have a right to panic and to fear, so that is what I am doing. But of the two options, to get out of London or to do that which I have pledged tomorrow, which is best. Does anyone believe me that is reading this, and one expects that quite a lot of people in London are?

But what do they think?

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