Thursday, 29 October 2009

Post 24

Continuing to copy-type from the Pink Paper
(a beat)
(Both me and the Barrister could not make out what the hand-writing in pencil says, I suggested Bed Mange or Manager, i.e. Bedsit or Studio Flat. Mine is a long open plan 1 bedroom. Like the caravan that I asked for only brick-built and not in Oxford).
(a beat)
AUTHORITY IS HEREBY GIVEN, under the provisions of section 135(1) of the Mental Health Act 1983, for any constable accompanied by an approved mental health professional and by a registered medical practitioner TO ENTER THE SAID PREMISES on one occasion only, within one calendar month from (siren) the date of issue of this warrant, if need be (perhaps this is the key term) by force and, if thought fit, to remove the said person to a place of safety as defined by section 135(6) of the said Act, with a view to the making of an application in respect of that person under Part 2 of the Act, or of other arrangements for his/her treatment of care.

Delete any words in square brackets which do not apply.

Insert address of premises

DATED the 22/10/09 (and signed in pencil unreadable), (crossed out District Judge) (Justice of the Peace)


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